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Art Grand Pictures


Art Grand Pictures

Art Grand Pictures is an independent production company under the direction of NYC based filmmaker Michael Grand. We develop and produce original short and feature projects.  In 2016, we start production on three short films and our debut feature film.


Intervention 3

Intervention 4

Intervention 3

Short Films

Short Films


Hate Mail (2016)


Clingy (2015)

Intervention (2014)


To the Guy in My Closet (2012)

Brooklyn Pizza (2012)

Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos


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Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects


The Pistol

A Columbia graduate student discovers
a major historical event in America's past
is based on a lie.


The Webseries

Two young men attempt to launch a new
webseries and accidentally explode
Manhattan in the process.



In Loving Memory

A Feature Film

A young boy on the verge of losing
his memories decides to recreate and record
all of his favorite moments from his past with
help from his eccentric grandfather.

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Michael Grand

Director  •  Writer  •  Producer